Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene

Friday Fika – ‘Impact-Based Regulatory Strategy in Environmental Law: Effective & Legitimate?

18 Mar 2022

Online (15:00)

In this Friday’s fika we’re delighted to be joined by Dr. Seita Romppanen who is currently visiting Tilburg from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), where she keeps herself very busy as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law, the Vice Head of Research at UEF Law School, and as a Senior Research Scientist on Law on Sustainability Transitions at the Finnish Environment Institute’s Climate Change Programme (SYKE).

Dr. Romppanen will be offering us a presentation that she’s entitled: ‘Impact-based Regulatory Strategy in Environmental Law: Effective & Legitimate?’  where she will observe how EU environmental law has shifted to an impact-based regulatory strategy that increasingly depends on science not only in designing regulation but also in interpretation and implementation of the law, which creates certain legal legitimacy challenges.

This will nicely overlap between our ongoing interests in the role that science and regulatory systems play in the Anthropocene.

The fika is at 15:00

Those who have not received the invite / zoom link but who would like to join can email: m.c.leach [at]