Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene

Friday Fika – ‘Small Wins’

28 Jan 2022


Online – 11:00am Tilburg-time – Friday Jan 27, 2022.

This will be special joint-fika co-organized with our Tilburg Law School public administration colleagues Merlijn and Shirley, who have invited Katrien Termeer and Tamara Metze from Wageningen University to join us for a discussion on ‘small wins’ as a framework for understanding governance change processes and the great puzzle of how to deal with ‘wicked problems’ such as climate change. With its interest in bottom-up, accumulative change processes, ‘small wins’ can be distinguished from programs that call for rapid, radical, and revolutionary changes, which as we know are often raised in Anthropocene discourses (and almost always disappointed).

Anybody wishing to attend who has not yet received an invite can email a request to: m.c.leach [at]

In preparation for the fika you are invited to read one (or both!) of the following texts to ensure a rich discussion. 

Termeer, C. J. A. M. & Metze, T. A. P. (2019) More than peanuts: Transformation towards a circular economy through a small-wins governance framework, Journal of Cleaner Production, 240, 118272

Termeer, C. J. & Dewulf, A. (2019) A small wins framework to overcome the evaluation paradox of governing wicked problems, Policy and Society, 38(2), 298-314