Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene
January 1, 2022

Earth system law: Exploring new frontiers in legal science


Louis J. Kotzé, Rakhyun E. Kim, Catherine Blanchard, Joshua C. Gellers, Cameron Holley, Marie Petersmann, Harro van Asselt, Frank Biermann, Margot Hurlbert, Earth system law: Exploring new frontiers in legal science, Earth System Governance, Volume 11, 2022,

Research Outputs

Seeking ‘Systems’ in Earth System Law: Boundaries, identity, and purpose in an emergent field

Earth System Governance (2023)

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The ‘question of possibilities’ as a leitmotif for re-imagining law for the ‘Anthropocene’

Global Policy (2022)

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Orchestrating Global Climate Governance Through Data: The UNFCCC Secretariat and the Global Climate Action Platform (with Joshua Philipp Elsässer)

Global Environmental Politics (2022)

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