Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene


REVIEW ESSAY: The Politics of Resource Scarcity and Overpopulation in the Anthropocene

World Affairs (2022)

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Earth system law: Exploring new frontiers in legal science

Earth System Governance (2022)

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Response-abilities of Care in More-than-Human Worlds

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment (2021)

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Place-Holding the Future. Legal Ordering and Intergenerational Justice for More-Than-Human Collectives

Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia del Diritto (2021)

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Transboundary environmental law scholarship: Towards a focus on planet Earth

Grensoverstijgende rechtsbeoefening: Liber amicorum Jan Jans (2021)

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Sympoietic thinking and Earth System Law: The Earth, its subjects and the law

Earth System Governance (2021)

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Megafauna Rewilding: Addressing Amnesia and Myopia in Biodiversity Law and Policy

Journal of Environmental Law (2021)

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Negotiating the Descriptive-Normative Frontier in Complexity Research in the Anthropocene

Frontiers in Physics (Social Physics) (2021)

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Urgent Agenda: How Climate Litigation Builds Transnational Narratives

Transnational Legal Theory (2021)

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Wilderness Law in the Anthropocene

Environmental Law (2021)

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